Colourpop & Kylie Cosmetics haul

Disclaimer: Don’t take my word for any of it as i’m no beauty guru.

I’ll be honest, i’m a makeup noob. The only cosmetic that I ever use on a regular basis is an eyebrow pencil. While i do apply concealers, lip tints, eyeliner, mascara, contours and highlighters, it is extremely rare. My knowledge of makeup is horribly limited; the only makeup tool that i own are my fingers and i can’t even tell whether my skin tone is cool, neutral or warm. But somehow or rather, i have managed to hoard a bunch of lipsticks that i don’t even use over the past one year.

Anyhoo, i was only intending to get the shadows and the ultra satin lip in Dohee from the JennNeSaisQuoi collection as Colourpop was going to discontinue it, but i lost all control when i started browsing their site. Also, since I was shipping Colourpop cosmetics through ShopandBox, might as well get my hands on some Kylie Cosmetics too.


What’s inside the box?

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