Eye candy #2

Morocco has been on my to-visit list for a while now. The beautiful Moroccan tiles, the vibrant markets and dreamy villages (Chefchaouen especially) are the main reasons for it being on my travel wishlist. Also, the landscapes are incredibly photogenic.

Native’s music video showcased Morocco beautifully. The video’s description talked about how rhythm brings everyone together and how the locals were so welcoming towards them. And seeing how thoroughly they fell in love with the country makes me want to visit her even more!

Visuals aside, they have a pretty sick song. It makes me feel like i can take on the world, buy a plane ticket and fly to Morocco right now, climb a mountain, or just do something epic in general. It’s a real fun song with tribal influences and it’s been on repeat the entire day. Definitely a strong favourite at the moment.

Found a guide of Morocco and it’s giving me a strong sense of wanderlust right now! Honestly, how can you not fall in love with such a beautiful country?


(Image source)


(Image source)


(Image source)


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