City of Bikes











Feeling a serious case of wanderlust as i edit and compile my Amsterdam trip pictures. Perhaps the gorgeous canals made for a refreshing view from the concrete jungle of a city that i call home. I love the pace of the city; it wasn’t all hustle and bustle and messy compared to London. A much slower pace. It was nice seeing how people whiled away their day at cafes on a rainy day with a nice book and a warm cup of coffee. Don’t think i see that much back at home because a) cafes are way too overpriced and b) i hardly go to one.

Once again, our visit was embarrassingly short. I really wished we had the time to explore Jordaan, visit the Van Gogh Museum, see tulips (it was Keukenhof when we went), cycle around and eat more of their local specialties. There is so much that the Dutch Capital has to offer and it sucked that we didn’t have the time and money to fully appreciate her. Oh, Amsterdam. You’re such a gem and i hope to spend more time seeing what you have to offer in the future.

P.S. Don’t worry mom and dad, i didn’t do weed there. I only got tipsy at the Heineken factory. Oops.



Our itinerary was completely spontaneous, which is pretty good if you don’t consider the time wasted on deciding what to do next. We accidentally wandered into the Red Light district on our first night while searching for dinner and it was a “haha er let’s go see half naked women in windows” kind of thing. Very random. The Natura Artis Magistra was the highlight for me! I finally met a real life sloth and what can I say, my life is made. The enclosures that the animals were housed in were absolutely gorgeous. It felt really personal and enchanting – definitely a must to visit the Artis Royal Zoo if you’re in Amsterdam.

I know this post is getting really lengthy but i would like to take some time to talk about our hostel accommodation. It was my first time staying in one and my parents and relatives were freaking out about the one night that we had to sleep in a shared dormitory. But it went well and the hostel is so, so convenient being located so close to Dam Square, etc and gorgeous as well. It really couldn’t get better than that. If you ever visit a city where Airbnb and/or hotels are not a option or over your budget, do consider hostels. Good and recommended ones of course. The rates are budget friendly and the staff are able to give you local recommendations that are easy on your expenses.



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